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Synology exFAT support

I had a Synology DS418 NAS drive, and needed to attach a USB drive to get some data off it as a one off operation.  I found the drive formatted as a exFAT drive, and out of the box, Synology doesn’t support that.  They have an add on in their store for $3, but given the amount of money I paid for the unit, and I knew it ran linux, and this was a one off operation, I thought I’d do some digging to see if I can bypass that restriction, and learn something in the process.


A Synology NAS;

A linux PC (a Raspberry pi was used in this example);

(A Windows PC was used to download the files and transfer them via winscp).

Download the relevant exfat-fuse file for the NAS architecture from https://packages.debian.org/stretch/armel/exfat-fuse/download (In this example I used exfat-fuse_1.2.5-2_arm64.deb)

Transfer this file to the Linux PC if necessary (it can’t be extracted on the NAS itself).

Extract the files:

$ dpkg –extract exfat-fuse_1.1.0-2_armel.deb .

(Note the full stop at the end of the line)

In the control panel of the NAS web UI, enable SSH, and login via SSH.

Copy the extracted file /sbin/mount.exfat-fuse to the NAS placing in the /opt/sbin/ directory.

Without the USB drive attached to the NAS, run an ls /dev/, then connect the usb drive, and do the same.  Look for differences in the directory, this will be the USB drive.  In my case it was listed as sdq, and the partition I wanted was sdq2.

Run the commands:

$ mkdir /mnt/exfatusb
$ ./mount.exfat-fuse /dev/sdq2 /mnt/exfatusb

to mount the USB drive.  You can then copy the files to the required directory and unmount the drive:

$ cp -av /mnt/exfatusb /volume1/retroPIE
$ umount /mnt/exfatusb

From the above command you may also be able to work out a project I am currently working on!

I have attached the relevant files here:

Synology exFAT support