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Generate List of RDS Logon and Logoff Events

A powershell script to list:

Date/Time , logon or logoff, Event ID, Username, SessionID, Source IPAddress, Computer user logged onto.
 You can get the script here:

Exchange 2007 Migration to new server

I needed to migrate a failing Exchange server, running on Server 2003 to a new server, running Server 2008 R2.  I would also be decommissioning public folders.  This is an outline of the steps I took:

Backup the SSL Certificate on the old server – details here (new window)

Backup the Exchange database, test it, and put it aside.
Backup the system state of the old server, test it, and put aside.
Backup the system state of a domain controller, test it and put aside.
Export CAS settings – details here (new window)

Backup all the web.config files from the old server.
Export mailbox settings:

## Powershell
Get-ExchangeAdministrator | FL > C:OriginalServerName.txt
Get-MailboxServer | FL >> C:OriginalServerName.txt
Get-ExchangeServer | FL >> C:OriginalServerName.txt
Get-StorageGroup -Server | FL >> C:OriginalServerName.txt
Get-MailboxDatabase | FL >> C:OriginalServerName.txt
Get-PublicFolderDatabase | FL >> C:OriginalServerName.txt
Get-ClientAccessServer | FL >> C:OriginalServerName.txt
Get-UMServer | FL >> C:OriginalServerName.txt
Get-RecieveConnector | FL >> C:OriginalServerName.txt
Get-SendConnector | FL >> C:OriginalServerName.txt

Install the new server OS
Install Exchange
Add the new server to monitoring and alerting system if required
We will migrate the Roles in this order: CAS, HUB, Mailbox, (Edge and UM if installed)
Install SSL Certificate
Test internal OWA
Recreate Send connectors
Recreate Receive connectors
Test receive and send connectors
Check that tranport rules are correct
Create and test mailboxes
Configure backup on new server
Test restore new server
Set/Check mailbox retention
Move mailboxes
Setup DNS Alias in DNS for the new server if required
Export Public folders to PST – put aside

Change OAB to web based – details here (new window)
Delete all the public folders
Delete the public folder database – details here (new window)
Remove old exchange server from monitoring and alerting system if used
Remove old server from backup system
Uninstall Exchange from old server
Reset local admin password on old server
Remove old server from domain
Delete any backups taken as appropriate

Factory Reset Brother HL 2270 Printer

Reset the print server to factory default settings
I needed to factory reset a Brother HL 2270 printer, and found the following instructions:

1:  Turn the printer off.
2:  Close the front cover, make sure it is plugged into power.
3:  Hold down the “Go” button and turn the printer on.  Wait until all of the LEDs light up and the “Ready” LED turns off.
4:  Release the button.  Make sure the LEDs turn off.
5:  Press the “Go” button six times.  Make sure that all of the LEDs light up, indicating the printer has been reset.  The printer will then reboot.