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Opening HLP files on Windows 10 x64

I needed to open a HLP file on Windows 10 x64 v1903.

There are a number of posts and threads, and some differing advise.  I found the following:


Download the msi file.

SHA256:  CE4C0FFB97BDAE423D197EC902DB88F298B699E7279F315C0694C7F48A7BD546

SHA1: AC30060E6442CF260C63D47FB12E2DE0DE1FE661

MD5: 10BA7330EAB7DBAEC93BEE5112DF47D4

Upload to VirusTotal to check.

I then ran the MSI and installed the application.

This allows the file to be opened from within Explorer.  Native help within applications may still fail.