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Old Servers listed in DHCP Server list

When opening a DHCP console on domain that had been in operation since 2008, and gone through a number of upgrades, migrations and repairs, a number of old servers were still listed.

To remove these, as a domain administrator, verify the data by running:

netsh dhcp show server

To remove the servers, use the command:

netsh dhcp delete server %FQDN% %IPADDRESS%


netsh dhcp delete server dc03.anonit.local

If the response is

Deleting server with dc03.anonit.local,
The specified servers are not present in the directory service.

Open adsiedit.msc and navigate to Configuration / CN=Configuration / CN=Services / CN=NetServices

In this container, depending on what you see is how you proceed:

In the example above, the DhcpRoot container DHCPServers attribute was empty, and we needed to remove one of the extra entries (the bottom one on the list).  Once deleted, the output from netsh dhcp show server was correct, and there were no more extra servers showing up in the list.