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Uninstall Pokki for All Users

(Edit 24/02/15 – corrected registry location)

Lenovo were preinstalling a Start Menu replacement on Windows 8 called Pokki.  Uninstalling this works for a single user, but as soon as another user logs in, the application is reinstalled.  This is not listed as Metro application that can be uninstalled using remove-appxpackage or remove-appxprovisionedpackage, as listed here (new window).

To uninstall this for all future users (This will not delete it for any users that have already created profiles, they will need to be done individually – see the end for more details):

Go into Programs and Features, and uninstall it like any other application

Yes choose to uninstall

Go into the userspublic folder, and delete the pokki folder

You will need to show hidden files and folders (see here for instructions – new window), and go in to the usersdefaultappdatalocal folder, and delete the pokki folder

Open regedit as ad administrator, select HKEY_USERS, click the file menu and select Load Hive…
Navigate to usersdefault and select NTUSER.DAT

Give the hive a name, eg: pokkiDefault and click OK

Navigate to HKEY_USERSpokkiDefaultSoftware
Delete the POKKI key

Navigate to HKEY_USERSpokkiDefaultSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun
Delete the Pokki string value

Select the HKEY_USERSpokkiDefault key, select the file menu, and Unload hive… and select yes.

This will not delete pokki from profiles that are already created.  You can however delete the pokki files from each user profile, and use the regedit method above to load the other users hive and remove it from their startup.  I haven’t tried it but would also look at removing it from their Programs and Features list via this method: and also looking in their hive at the equivalent HKCU registry location.