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Run a Powershell script (.ps1) from command line

To run a Powershell script from the command line, batch file or task scheduler, use the following:
powershell -command “. ‘%SCRIPT%'”
Note the double quotes (“) followed by single quotes (‘), and the reverse on the end of the line.
powershell –command  “. ‘c:maintenancetuesday.ps1′”
To load a custom powershell console, for example the Exchange Management Shell, use the following:
powershell –PSConsoleFile %PSC1% –command “. ‘%SCRIPT%'”
powershell –PSConsoleFile “c:program filesmicrosoftexchange serverv14binExSchell.psc1” -Command “. ‘c:maintenanceReportMailboxSizeExchange2010.ps1′”

List Workstations and Last Logon Time from AD using Powershell

This will list computers and Last Logon Times from AD:
import-module ActiveDirectory
$dcs = Get-ADComputer -Filter { OperatingSystem -NotLike ‘*Server*’ } `
    -Properties OperatingSystem
foreach($dc in $dcs) { `
    Get-ADComputer $dc.Name -Properties lastlogontimestamp | `
    Select-Object @{n=”Computer”;e={$_.Name}}, @{Name=”Lastlogon”; `