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Domain Research Tool

You can use to research domain name.

Find the name servers following the instructions here:

Enter the name server and enter the domain query.  EG:  Enter a primary name server of ‘’ and enter ‘facebook’ in Starts:

You can then see a list of domains that facebook has listed on their name servers.

This works with any domain.  EG:  nameserver and anonit.


To lookup DNS records for a domain name on Windows, you can use NSLookup.
Open a command prompt, and enter the following command:  nslookup
This will give you the server that you will query and the IP address of that server.
Type the command: set q=any
This is short for set querytype=any, which will give all results, regardless of type.
Enter the domain name to query.  EG:

This will then give the results.  If you fail to get the expected results, you can try using a trailing full stop at the end of the domain name, eg:
Additionally you can query other name servers, by using the server command.  Eg: server will set google as the DNS server to query.


Facebook Domain Name Sets for ISA

Blocking / Allowing Facebook using Microsoft ISA can be difficult.  I have created a Domain Name Set for ISA that you can import.  They can be found:
ISA 2004 SP3:  here (zip file)
ISA 2006 SP1:  here (zip file)
Plain Text:  here (zip file)
It is very possible there are some non Facebook related websites in this list, so please verify these are suitable for use in your environment.  These domains can change over time, so if you find any that aren’t in the list, please let me know.