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Connect to Exchange powershell remotely

Connect to Exchange powershell remotely using the following commands


$exchSession=New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri $exchUri -Authentication Kerberos -Credential $exchCred
Import-PSSession $exchSession

$exchCred is the credentials used to connect

$exchUri is the Uri of the Exchange server powershell virtual directory.  EG: http://exchange.anonit.net/powershell


To remove the session at the end, use Remove-PSSession $exchSession


See the powershell script here





Powershell if file does not exist

Small gotcha that caught me recently, I needed to do a test-path but action if a file did NOT exist, and I had trouble getting it to work first go, so I’m writing this here:

## check file exists
if (!(Test-Path $FileToCheck))
     throw "$FileToCheck not found"

This will throw the exception if the file can not be found.

Batch converting video combining FFMpeg and Powershell

I had a bunch of MKV files that I needed to convert to mp4.  I don’t have any fancy video editing software, and found that a program called ffmpeg exists, which is a command line tool that will do this.  Once I verified that it would do what I wanted, I decided to write a powershell script that will do the work for me, which you can find here.

You will need to download and install ffmpeg and run the script.  I have defaulted ffmpeg to “c:\program files\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe” as this seems like the logical place for me.

If you have any comments, or ideas on how to improve, please let me know in the comments below.