Install netdata on C.H.I.P (or a raspberry PI)

Netdata details:

C.H.I.P:; or
Raspberry PI:

Logon to the device using SSH.
Check if CURL is installed by using the command
which curl
if it is not installed then install using sudo apt-get install curl.
Install the full install packages for netdata:
curl -Ss ‘’ >/tmp/ && bash /tmp/ -i netdata-all
(There is a minimum install package that can be used if necessary: curl -Ss ‘’ >/tmp/ && bash /tmp/ -i netdata)
Download the netdata installer:
git clone –depth=1
go into the netdata folder:
cd netdata
install netdata:
sudo ./
Once installed, you can access the website on %IPADDRESS%:19999
to update, go into the netdata folder:
cd netdata
and run the updater:
sudo ./

1 thought on “Install netdata on C.H.I.P (or a raspberry PI)

  1. AnonIT Post author

    There is now a new way to install, use the command:
    # for some reason a space is apearing between the less than and open brace
    # there shouldn't be one
    bash < (curl -Ss

    And an easy way to update:
    # go to the git downloaded directory
    cd /path/to/git/downloaded/netdata
    # run the updater



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