Create a DHCP Superscope

A transient (we were bought in to assist migration to new MSP) customer wanted to increase DHCP addresses without creating a VLAN.  They were looking at increasing their available IP addresses by about 200, and their current network was a /24 (


Firstly, add the new gateway IP address to the router.  In this case (on a Server 2008 Windows router), was the original router IP, we add

On the DHCP server, right click IPv4 and select New Scope…

Follow the wizard…

Assign the IP range to exclude and a delay if necessary

Change the default duration if necessary (default 8 days)

More than likely you will need to configure DHCP options

Add the router address as used above

Add DNS Servers in

Add WINS if necessary

Activate the scope

And click Finish

Your DHCP console should look something similar to this:

Right click on IPv4 and select New Superscope…

Click Next

Name the Superscope and click Next


Add the available scopes you wish to include in the Superscope and click Next

Click Finish

You should then see devices picking up an address from the 2nd scope as appropriate.



You can see more details on the Console icons here:


Now off to fix the next few issues at this site:




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