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Adobe DC Customisation Wizard

A new version of Adobe Reader is out, with a new name.  No longer called Adobe Reader, it is called Acrobat Reader.  And the version is ‘DC’.

So head on over to Adobe’s website, download and install the Customisation wizard:

Grab Acrobat Reader (without the mcafee / google bundle):

Use your favourite program to extract the files from within the .exe file (WinRAR, 7zip, etc).

Once you have the .MSI file extracted, you can then open the customisation wizard, and open the .MSI using the customisation wizard.

Make any relevant changes you wish to the .MSI file.  EG: ‘Supress display of End User License Agreement (EULA)’, ‘Disable product updates’, ‘Disable Upsell’, etc.

You may also want to use the Registry section of the Customisation Wizard to makes changes, or use Group Policy, or alternate methods of setting the relevant keys:

Don’t show messages while viewing a document
HKLMSOFTWAREPoliciesAdobeAcrobat ReaderDCFeatureLockdowncIPM

Show me messages when I launch Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
HKLMSOFTWAREPoliciesAdobeAcrobat ReaderDCFeatureLockdowncIPM

Show welcome dialog when opening file
HKLMSOFTWAREPoliciesAdobeAcrobat ReaderDCFeatureLockdowncWelcomeScreen

HKLMSoftwarePoliciesAdobeAcrobat ReaderDCFeatureLockDown

The ‘bDontShowMsgWhenViewingDoc’ as a value of ‘0’ to NOT display the message.  A value of 1 will display the message.  This is the reverse of what is expected given the name is DontShow.

Save the package in the customisation wizard, and install using the following command:
msiexec.exe /i AcroRead.msi TRANSFORMS=acroread.mst

The details for this post were found: (Some information in this is now incorrect, see the forum post below!)

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader.

OK I understand you get what you pay for, but really. Why does it have to be so hard.

My intentions were to make a custom installer for Adobe, rollup the lastest updates (There have been a few lately) to be able to install it on networks without touching the machines.

1) Download and install the Adobe Customisation Wizard:
2) Sign up to distribute Adobe Reader: (Click distribute reader).
3) Go through the registration process, verify the email address is correct.
4) Get the email, realize that it attempts to redirect you to
5) Somewhere along the line, you end up at:
6) Select the MUI package and download the updates as well.
7) Open the package using the adobe customisation wizard.
8) Select the options you want (Unattended, suppress reboot, etc).
9) Save the package.
10) Put the updates (*.msp) in the same directory.
11) Edit the setup.ini file: Under the [product] section find the patch line, add a ;nameOfThe.msp.

EG: PATCH=AdbeRdrUpd930_mui_cum.msp;AdbeRdrUpd932_all_incr.msp;AdbeRdrUpd933_all_incr.msp;AdbeRdrUpd934_all_incr.msp (Yes they are not all cumulative)
12) Create Group Policy to remove Javascript (completely optional) but these days recommended: .
13) Test an upgrade scenario.
14) Test a clean install scenario.

It just seems all a bit too complicated. Customising an MSI is never easy, however I have to think that if there was a cumulative MSI at this point it would be easier. Also having the ability to change each and every option in the Customisation Wizard would be handy, instead of having to use GP.